Shadowlands - Looking for danger

Filming James Preston on the set of the Shadowlands web series

Shadowlands Trailer

Shadowlands - Finding help

Death Valley is the set of several Shadowlands web episodes

Shadowlands - Discussing options

Actors on the set of Shadowlands web series

Shadowlands - Suffering from an injured foot

Jess Adams and Jeneta St. Clair on the set of the horror thriller Shadowlands

Meet the Shadowlands Cast

James Preston - Shadowlands

Introducing the cast of Shadowlands! We’re excited to be featuring an amazing cast of talented young actors. You can check them out in our opening title sequence. Here are some of their credits: Zach // James Preston Joshua Tree, 1951: A Portrait of James Dean, CBS TV Series “CSI NY”, CBS TV Series “Blue Bloods”, ABC TV Series “The Gates” Elliot // Jonathan Dane CBS TV Series “Criminal Minds”, Showtime […]

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Available at Vimeo On Demand!

Shadowlands is available for pre-order.  Episodes go live on March 25th, 2017! To order the series, click here:   Shadowlands on Vimeo    

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New Videos Added

We’ve added some behind the scenes snippets of our cast to the video section! Check them out here!  

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